Douglas "Doug" Tucker

Sales Associate

Buying a Randolph Home As Is


Doug Tucker of the Douglas Tucker Real Estate Team at RE/MAX Properties Unlimited in Morristown highlights what buying a Randolph home ?as is? means.

I have seen many listings on the Garden State Multiple Listing Service  which say a home is ?as is? in the description.  When a buyer sees ?as is,? they usually think there is something wrong with the home and the seller will not make any repairs.  That may not be the case.

A seller may not want to be bothered with minor repairs such as a broken light socket or a scratched wood floor.  It?s up to the buyer whether they want to accept the home in the condition in which it was upon contract signing.

When ?As Is? Condition Doesn?t Work

If there are structural defects in a home, the seller will be required to address these issues.  Sometimes the issues will prevent a buyer from getting a mortgage, or are of safety concern and the town requires these items fixed.  Such defects can be:

?         Termites

?         Radon

?         Asbestos that is not covered, peeling or broken

?         Cracks in the foundation

?         Carpenter Ants

?         Electrical Hazards

The seller has the right to choose the contractor they would like to make the repair.  If you would prefer the work to be done by your own contractor or professional, have your attorney ask permission.  When given the names of a few contractors the seller may want to choose the one you are comfortable with since you will be living in the house.

If you have a question about a defect, contact Doug Tucker of RE/MAX Properties Unlimited at 973-769-1563 or use the email contact form.  I will put you in touch with real estate attorneys who can give you additional advice.