Douglas "Doug" Tucker

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Buying a Randolph Home



Questions you should Ask

Now that you have found the home you want to buy in Randolph, it?s important to ask questions while the transaction is in progress.  Doug Tucker and the Douglas Tucker Real Estate Team at RE/MAX Properties Unlimited in Morristown, outlines questions you should ask.

Some of the answers to these questions may be on the seller?s property disclosure, which is a document the seller completes when they put their home on the market.  Before entering into a contract, you should review the seller?s disclosure and provide a copy of it to your real estate attorney.

1.     Does the home have a septic system?

2.     Do you have a survey of the property?

3.     Are there any easements?

4.     Has the basement ever flooded?

5.     Is there a sump pump?

6.     Does the house have a home warranty policy?

7.     How old is the roof?

8.     Has there ever been a well?

9.     Are there any open permits for previous work done in the home?

10.  Were there any termites or termite damage?

11.  How old are the appliances, and are they under warranty?

12.  Is the home in a designated flood area?

13.  How old is the furnace, central air conditioning, and water heater?

14.  Has the electrical panel been updated?

15.  Can the property be subdivided?

There are other questions your Randolph realtor may have, and you may think of more questions during your home inspection.  Keep your home inspection report handy after you have closed your sale as a guide to the ins and outs of your home, and how appliances and the heating and cooling systems work.

If you are looking to purchase a home in Randolph or Morristown, I am more than happy to speak to you about my experience as a realtor.  Contact Douglas "Doug" Tucker of RE/MAX Properties Unlimited at 973-769-1563 or email me.