Douglas "Doug" Tucker

Sales Associate


Randolph Realtor

"Just a sincere note of thanks for doing such a great job selling our home. We had the worst experience (out of three sales in the past four years) because of a very difficult relocation company and issues with the buyer's attorney, but the BEST experience was with you, our Realtor. All of you were so friendly, helpful, professional, responsive and patient during what was a very trying experience for all parties. We are so appreciative of all your efforts on our behalf and would recommend you without hesitation so please add us to your list of references. Here's to your continued, well-deserved success!"

- Ward and Marie E., Randolph NJ

Relocation to Randolph

"I lived and sold houses in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and New Jersey. This was by far the most professional, organized and successful sale of a home that I have ever gone through! In addition, it was the fastest home sale I ever had, which I attributed to Doug and his groups' knowledge of the Randolph market."

- Timothy and Susan H., Randolph NJ

Randolph Home Sale

"Our house was sold for the price we asked within six days of the initial viewing. What's not to like? We were particularly impressed with the saturation advertising you provided for our house on the internet. All in all, a commendable performance. All the best."

- Frank and Christa H., Randolph NJ

Randolph Real Estate Team

"Doug and the entire Crawford and Tucker team provided excellent service throughout all phases of our home sale. We have bought and sold 10 homes and this experience was our best. Marketing, negotiations, and closing process were all handled professionally. We would recommend your services without hesitation."

- Steve and Nancy H., Randolph NJ

Morris Twp First Time Home Buyer

"I cannot believe you didn't cringe when you showed us the same house 5 times!!! We wanted to be really sure our house was for us, and it is. That is, until we are three. LOL"

- William T., Morris Twp NJ

Randolph Sellers

"Thank you Doug and the entire team for making the sale of our home-while out of state-extremely stress free. You took care of everything! Everyone truly works as a team and everyone from Doug to Dorota is very professional and thorough."

- Kelly and Kurt Wagner, Randolph NJ

Homes in Randolph

"I wanted to upgrade house/neighborhood but stay in the same area. After learning my likes/dislikes and priorities Doug called one day out of the blue and said "I found your house". Then he sold mine in 3 days. The service was excellent."

- Charley and Lynn S., Randolph NJ

Randolph NJ For Sale by Owner

"We tried to sell our house by owner and then signed up with one of the discount companies. What a nightmare. Six months, hardly any showings, no offers, no service, and they would not let us out of the agreement. We listed with Doug Tucker and he generated multiple offers on our home within weeks. Doug was also there to troubleshoot problems as they came up and he successfully got us to closing within 30 days."

- Hal H., Randolph NJ

Randolph NJ Real Estate Agent

"What most influenced us to use Doug's services was his personal reputation as a real estate agent and his team approach. Doug and all the members of his team are skilled professionals who helped make a very difficult and disruptive process as easy and smooth as possible. They don't just sell real estate they help people!"

- Karen and Robert K., Randolph NJ

Morristown Real Estate

"Kudos to the Morristown real estate team and their leader Doug Tucker for helping us through the strenuous short sale of our Morristown home. We couldn't have done it with you guys."

- Ricky B., Morristown NJ

Randolph Home Inspection

"I am not sure we would have gotten through the home inspection if Doug was not there. The seller would not allow the septic inspection to go forward, because they were digging up the garden. Doug provided a personal guarantee to the seller and solved the problem. After that the entire sale was managed professionally and everything went smoothly."

- Eric and Jodi K., Randolph NJ

Randolph House

"I cannot tell you how much we are enjoying our house. It is so much more than we ever expected when we began our epic journey nearly two years ago! There were a lot of hard times throughout the process, but I must say, it was well worth it. And, THANK YOU for making it all possible!"

- Rick R., Randolph NJ

Harding Real Estate

"The advertising campaign through various media brought a steady flow of potential buyers. Everyone cooperated to expedite the sale and closing of this deal. The Crawford and Tucker Team communicated well and performed under some adverse circumstances in a professional manner. We recommend this group to anyone seeking real estate services that are second to none when experience and knowledge of the marketplace are paramount. Realistically, this is the best that a customer can expect."

- Tom and Susan R., Harding NJ

Randolph RE/MAX Realtor

"I was extremely happy all the way around, beginning to end. Follow up, sincere, truthfulness, business ethics far above many realtors...I have bought and sold with other realtors-never never again. So in a nut shell-Call Doug Tucker at RE/MAX for realtor needs."

- Jim D., Randolph NJ

Morristown Realtor Help

"As a person having to find a rental within a weekend, I was so nervous moving and finding a safe place to live in Morristown. Thanks to your team member Jo who came through with a great place to live that was also affordable. Thank you!"

- Vicky W., Morristown NJ

Selling a Home in Randolph

"Barbara and I want to thank you for making our dream a reality...When we were forced into a possible bidding war you were able to work with the sellers so that we could offer as much as we could and close the deal! We now needed to sell our home and your expertise as to the correct listing price was critical to the quick sale...negotiating with the buyers was easy and stress free...Your office was on top of everything! Your team was very responsive and helpful every step of the way. Doug it was a pleasure working with you and your team. You made it happen!"

- Gerry and Barbara P., Randolph NJ

Randolph Properties

"Doug's team is a great way to go. I have a team of 18 at my legal office. I don't know how one agent can do it all; no one is an expert at everything. Everyone on the team coordinates very well and we got great service from everyone."

- Andy S., Randolph NJ

Randolph Real Estate Transaction

"Crawford and Tucker Team were very professional and they have handled our transaction very nicely. We were really impressed with their services."

- Shashi and Satish K., Randolph NJ

Randolph Residential Sale

"We applaud you for the process that you have in place to insure feedback and overall customer service. Both of us thank you very much for the care and attention you gave to the promotion and final sale of our home in Randolph. We wish you continued success in your endeavors."

- Joan and Derrick G., Randolph NJ