Douglas "Doug" Tucker

Sales Associate

Why live in Randolph?



The town of Morristown is vibrant.  It seems like it's always New York City.  When you drive around the Morristown Green in the evening, you can see the fountain lit up, and couples strolling around the Green.  During the day, families will go get a hot dog at the hot dog stand, or visit Greenberry?s in Morristown.

Morristown has many historical buildings and churches.  Also, the Morris County Courthouse is on Washington Street in Morristown, a short walk from the Morristown Green. 

Randolph is the town bordering Morristown, and its tranquil parks, walking trails, and farms are the perfect backdrop to raise a family.  UCC is in Randolph and has many popular adult education and online classes that are part of its college program.

You can walk down South Street and visit many local shops and eateries, and watch a show in the Community Theater.  If you decide to use public transportation, there is a train that runs from Morris Plains through Morristown, Convent Station, Madison, Chatham, and Summit.  The MC-3 bus also goes through the same towns.  Working in Morristown is easy because you can walk to many places of business.  Randolph and Morristown are beautiful places to live and work. 

If you would like to live in Morristown, please call me at 973-769-1563.  RE/MAX Properties Unlimited is located at 1 Madison Avenue in Morristown, and by email.  If you are interested in Randolph, remember I live in Randolph and would be your perfect neighborhood realtor.