Douglas "Doug" Tucker

Sales Associate

Questions Randolph Sellers May Have



Morristown realtor Douglas ?Doug? Tucker of the Douglas Tucker Real Estate Team at RE/MAX Properties Unlimited answers common questions home sellers may have when they are thinking of selling their house.

Common Questions asked of Randolph and Morristown Realtors

Q.  Should I use a realtor to sell a home?

A.  While you can certainly attempt to sell a home yourself, working with a qualified realtor who knows the Randolph housing market will get you the highest price for your home, and weed out the people who are not qualified to buy your home.

Q.  How do I know the buyers for my home are qualified to purchase a house?

A.  People can lose their jobs, or have family emergencies which will affect their ability to purchase a home.  However, when you receive an offer for your Randolph home, your realtor should have gotten the proper loan documentation proving that the buyer has the funds necessary to purchase a home.  These can be in the form of:

?         Loan pre-approval from a reputable lender

?         Mortgage commitment

?         Proof of bank funds

Q. How can I buy a home with the proceeds of the sale from my house?

A.  Your realtor should advise you to not enter into a contract to purchase a new home unless your home is under contract.  Once your home is under contract and your real estate attorney feels your deal is solid, you can go looking for a new home.

When you find a new home, you may be asked to provide these documents to your potential seller:

?         Your buyer?s pre-approval or proof of bank funds

?         Contract for the sale of your home

?         Your buyer?s mortgage commitment

?         Your pre-approval

If you have any questions about selling a home, don?t try to guess at the answers.  Call Douglas ?Doug? Tucker, Broker-Associate at RE/MAX Properties Unlimited at 973-769-1563, or submit the web form and I will respond to you promptly.